Friday, December 19, 2008

Women want LEAN, not BULK! But how?

No, this isn't a relationship article, but it's my advice to women, husbands, boyfriends, and fitness trainers of women around the globe. If you have trained or spent time around women who want to change their body, you know that one of their biggest fears is 'bulk'. It's true that most women won't gain muscle from lifting weights, but many times there is a perception of size or girth increase. However, there are exceptions to the rule. (bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc..)

What's the solution? Women love to do cardio, there is a perception that to lose fat, one must do a lot of cardio. This is a long held belief that is very difficult to break. Current research shows us that strength training does more to promote fat loss than cardio, but how do you convince women of this?

You don't.

Instead, you give them a best of both worlds approach as an alternative.

Earlier this year, I developed a system of training that involved alternating every 60 seconds between a 'cardio' exercise (treadmill, jumping rope, etc..) and a strength training exercise (dumbbell, medicine ball, etc...) for a 20 minute workout (10 minutes of cardio/10 minutes of strength training). The results were astounding. Not only did my female clients get stronger, but they lost weight, bulk, and felt great after just 20 minutes. MetaCardio was born!

These were NOT teenagers or 20-something Paris Hilton look-a-likes. Actually, these ladies were their moms! I'm talking women in their late 40's and early 50's. One of my clients worked 3 days a week for 3 months and lost 16lbs of fat. She was turning the heads of men of ALL ages by her birthday!

This system of training began getting so popular in our training facility that I knew I had to write the book explaining the methods and develop several different workout plans to meet the diverse needs of the masses.

Briefly, here is what 'MetaCardio' is all about!

MetaCardio is a rapid fire, metabolism-raising workout that combines both cardio and weights in one time efficient workout. It is my contribution to the well-researched and effective training technique known as High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T.

This is the next generation of H.I.I.T workouts and is designed to burn a lot of calories by simultaneously challenging both the aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (strength) systems.

It provides a wide variety of workout options and intensity levels to keep you motivated and prevent boredom. Includes 50 new workouts using 100 innovative movements with pictures & descriptions.

Here is what Chuck Gaidica of Local 4 News Detroit has to say about MetaCardio:

MetaCardio was the missing piece of the puzzle for me in my training. After working out hard, three times per week for several months, I knew that my metabolism needed an extra boost. I was toning and losing inches and likely gaining muscle mass, but I wasn't really losing weight; and that was indeed one of my goals. Jimi suggested that we keep the same workout; just "kick it up a notch" with MetaCardio. He added a mere 15-minutes of MetaCardio to my routine and the inches kept coming off, but finally the pounds did too. I lost 20 pounds in about 2 months. It was like a switch had been flipped and it still is working to this day.

- Chuck Gaidica, Local 4 News Detroit

Metacardio was also featured on the evening news in 4 segments, just check out the video!

Below is an outline of the workouts

The book includes 50 different MetaCardio workouts with the following themes:

Beginner Workouts – new to training? Start here

Bodyweight Workouts – no equipment needed

Core Workouts – abs, oblique, and low back movements

Dumbbell Workouts – using dumbbells

Medicine Ball Workouts – using medicine ball

Dumbbell & medicine ball Workouts – DBs and Med Ball

Lower Body Workouts – focus on lower body exercises

Upper Body Workouts – focus on upper body exercises

30 Second Intervals – more intense, faster transitions

Athlete Workouts – Muscle Integration

Bodybuilder Workouts – Muscle Isolation

Track Workouts – to be done on a track or field

Hotel Workouts – take your workouts on the road

Home Workouts – workouts to be done at home

Mobility Workouts – range of motion and active recovery

The MetaCardio workout includes illustrations on EVERY workout sheet

To order or read more, click here!

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Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
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