Friday, August 29, 2008

You can lose fat at any age!

You can lose fat at ANY AGE:

Most people assume that for one or more reasons, they, personally cannot lose weight.

I have heard everything from

1. I'm too old - studies continue to show that beginning a strength training routine at any age will build muscle, which is directly responsible for increasing our metabolism. It's true that we lose muscle as we age, but that's because we become less active and eat too many calories for our needs.

2. It's my genetics, everyone in my family is overweight. - I've personally overcome 'bad genetics'. In fact, I think it's more 'bad habits' than 'bad genetics', we are creatures of habit, I saw bad habits growing up and I modeled them.

3. I'm too busy - we are ALL too busy. That's just an excuse. We all need to 'plan our work' and then 'work our plan' Be proactive - take 2 hours on the weekend to buy, prepare, and store your meals for the week. This discipline will do more for fat loss than any workout program.

Action Steps:
1. Eat unprocessed 80% of the time - 80/20 rule, nobody is perfect. Tip: If it comes out of dirt or off a vine, it's probably good for you.

2. Do Strength Training movements (COMPOUND) in a circuit style manner, cardio is secondary
3. Be consistent - stick with it, why are you doing it? Vanity, health, family?
4. Set Behavior based goals rather than Outcome based goals. Example of behavior based goals: "I will exercise 4 times a week", this is something you CAN control. Outcome based goal: "I will lose 10lbs by next month." This is a goal you CANNOT control.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Genetics? Gifted? Hardest Working? Bolt winning

I have to admit, over the past week, many of my clients think there is more to Bolt winning the 100M and 200M races at the Olympics this summer. Here is a video of his 100M world-record setting performance

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Qualify the end user

Here are the questions I get daily as a Personal Trainer:

Question #1: "What's the best exercise for Abs?"

Question #2: "What's the best exercise for 'cutting' my Chest?"

Question #3: "What's the best protein for getting big?"

...and the sad thing is, these questions often come from the same person!

And my answer is usually the same, "It depends"

No matter who you are, there is no cookie-cutter training program. Sure, there are principles that are tried and true, but there is no One absolute exercise, supplement, or training program that is going to do it all.

Take some time to set some specific goals and seek our professionals who can help you reach them.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The revolutionary HIIT Style Workout!

Below is a video preview of a workout that I will be unveiling this Fall!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Get after it!

A lot of people are looking for the 'perfect' workout and diet plan, but fail to simply do one thing.

That one thing?

.... two words...


Ever seen a prison yard workout? Those guys are huge and lean, and can be found using the worst form imaginable. Just watch how much back they throw into their curls, how their glutes come off the bench to lock out on a bench press, etc..

Their programs are 'primitive', at least by today's standards. But they one thing they do is train very hard. For many, the length of their life may depend on it!

So my take home point? Don't get so bogged down in the details that you fail to simply push hard. Consult with a good trainer, read several fitness sites for the latest research and programs (such as and never stop learning!

Friday, August 01, 2008

What do I need for my home gym?

READER QUESTION: "Hey Jimi, love site and all your information. I recently lost my job and money is tight. I canceled my gym membership and want to purchase some home equipment. What do you recommend? - Thanks, Jeff"

Jimi - "Thanks for your question Jeff. I'm sorry about your job loss. When building a home gym, you want to consider several things.

1 - Space: How much space do you have? This will determine what you should purchase.

2 - Budget: How much can you reasonably spend? Probably as little as possible considering your job loss.

3 - Personal preference: What are you training for?

Once we answer these questions, we can move forward. Consider investing $20 in my new DVD, How to build YOUR Home Gym, available at

Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
Over 50lbs of fat....GONE!