Thursday, June 19, 2008

The last few pounds (Belly Fat)

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: "The first place you want to lose it will be the last place you lose it". This, of course, is in reference to belly fat. For most people, losing the last few pounds on their belly is the biggest battle. It takes intense focus and disciple to see it gone. Think about it, how many people at your gym have a nice chisled 6-pack? Not many I'm sure...

Look at what Jillian Michaels of "Biggest Loser" fame has to say about it:

Crunches don't equal abs.

You can't do crunches and expect to see abs if they're trapped under a layer of fat. Taking off the last problem pounds requires discipline. You're fighting you're body's natural chemistry. Your body wants to keep on an extra 10-15 pounds and losing the last 10 pounds isn't always about getting healthy in the same way losing 30 or 40 is. Sometimes, it's about vanity, and for vanity, you have to make sacrifices. Your body doesn't want to shed that weight just because you are a narcissist and want to wear size two jeans. You have to trick your body into thinking it's a safe weight, and that means plowing through the program without giving your body the chance to rebound back to its old weight.If you can read In Touch on the treadmill, you aren't working hardenough."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A new way to train HIIT-style!

At the gym where I train, there is a buzz.
At any given time during the day, somebody is doing MetaCardio training.
The word is out, and it's time to get it out to the masses! Here is the banner!

Coming this Fall 2008,
Get ready to lose fat and excess weight in a whole new way....
Treadmill, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells, oh my!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

New DVDs this summer

I have been very busy getting out some new products. In the month of July, I will have 3 new DVDs available! Here is a sneak preview!
Losing Abdominal Fat & Beyond: what works and what doesn't.
This is my most recent seminar from Livonia, Mi. We had a strong crowd how came ready to learn and had a lot of great questions, which are included on the DVD. You can purchase this seminar at in July for only $19.95.

How To Build Your Home Gym' was taped live last month and is perhaps my most informative seminar yet. Many have told me that they saved thousands of dollars by using the information I provided at this dynamic seminar. The low price of this product is also $19.95 and will be available on or on my site,

Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
Over 50lbs of fat....GONE!