Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A humbling reminder for the Delivered

About three weeks ago, I attempted to begin a radical 'diet' system. I had every intention of taking off 4 inches from my waistline, shedding 5 pounds of fat, and taking my physical conditioning to the next level. Unfortunately, during that time, my body began to rebel. What I mean is this, as I started losing body fat at rapid fire speed, I also began to get sick, first the traditional symptoms of a cold or flu, and then, full blown fatigue. What did this accomplish? Well, I reached a goal, .... temporarily, but suddenly, the body rebelled. Even the author of the book, Jimi Varner, needs a reminder that DIET'S DON'T WORK, and 'moderation' and consistency is key to long-lasting and SAFE weight loss.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Book Review

Here is what readers are saying about the book!
"I don't focus so much on the "diet" aspect of dieting anymore. It's like Jimi says in his book, you can't deprive your body of one food group in favor of another. You have to learn moderation and smart food choices. Boy, I wish I had learned this stuff when I was younger. Maybe the selfishness and conceitedness of youth would have made me work harder at this stuff. But I don't and won't quit quitting. It's so good to have an ally."

"I love the Bible passages you used...and it also got me to open my Bible... that's always a good thing"

"I'm going to begin the book again... I'm sure I missed messages..."

"This book has truly brought freedom to my home, I can't thank you enough for listening to God and writing this book!"
- Exposes the myths and lies behind diets
- Discover the principles of permanent- Explains that there is no "good" or "bad" foods
- Reveals the truth behind cyclical diet patterns - Get free from destructive eating patterns
- Diets don't work, ... and they never will!
The Dieter's Deliverance: Breaking the chains of bondage! is a revelation of the freedom we can all have from destructive diet and strict, unrealistic eating patterns. Coming from a biblical perspective, author Jimi Varner established his credibility through real world experience through a successful career as a Fitness Professional and Corporate Consultant to Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. This unique work takes a spiritual and scientific perspective to support his findings in this thought-provoking and refreshingly liberating book. After reading this selection, you'll agree that the diet and fitness industry have failed to produce on promises and must stand up and take notice! Many of us are sick and tired of the latest fads, cyclical dieting, and the continuous spin the diet industry continues to put on the American public. The Dieter’s Deliverance isn't another tired diet book or rigid program; it's an empowering solution to America’s growing epidemic, not obesity, but diets.
Chapter one, "God's Ways Are Not Our Ways", examines the problems and struggles we face today’s world.

Chapter two, "Diets Are LEGALISM", talks about the personal frustration Jimi had when his personal training clients were not achieving their goals, despite all their efforts. Americans continue to search for the magic bullet, but none can be found, despite all the ‘right’ information that is available. Throughout this book, Jimi continues to develop and explain the spiritual AND scientific reasons why 'diets don't work', and never will.
Chapter three reveals and explains that “All Foods Are Made Clean” and chapter four, "Don't worry about your life" examines the reasons why worrying about every detail isn't going to produce the desired results.

Chapter five, “Finding Balance In Moderation”, helps the reader to develop and find their own personal balance and reveals the book’s most insightful points to attaining victory on the quest for diet deliverance. Chapter six, “Freedom In Christ”, reminds us of freedom and power that is available to us all.

Chapter seven concludes with, "A House In Order" putting the finishing touches on this dynamic work, inspiring the reader with solid biblically truths and sound concepts that will empower the reader to say ‘no’ to diets forever!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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The Dieter's Deliverance

To God be all the glory, Amen!

Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
Over 50lbs of fat....GONE!