Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video from Channel 4 - Detroit

Here is a link to WDIV's website where the video is up of Chuck Gaidica doing a version of my new workout, MetaCardio

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here is a list of the tips I gave on WDIV Local 4 in Detroit!

Getting Fit With Chuck

POSTED: 12:50 pm EDT September 26, 2008

4 Fat Loss Rules for Faster Fat Loss

Proper nutrition - (Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, & Healthy Fats)
Start with Strength training - (Circuit training)
Add Cardio Intervals (Alternating between high & low intensities)
Increase N.E.P.A. (Non-Exercise Physical Activity)

4 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism
Eat breakfast (Combine Complex Carb w/ Lean Protein)
Perform Strength Training Circuits (2 รข€“ 3 Movements in a row before resting)
Eat protein at every meal (helps muscle repair, more filling)
Eat more unprocessed food (takes more calories to break down)

4 Time-Saving Tips To Make Workouts More Effective
Perform circuit training instead of straight sets
Shorten rest periods (30- 45 seconds, keeps HR elevated)
Perform Cardio Intervals before steady state cardio
Get proper instruction (good form reduces risk of injury)

To contact Chuck's trainer Jimi Varner call 248-735-8850 ext. 4063

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Question about Protein

September 27th, 2008

"Do you feel that everyone needs to consume protein products to get lean, and lose body fat? I saw your list of foods to eat and avoid. I only had a problem with the whey protein powder. Also the recipe for the protein bars, with 1 cup of protein power in them. I tried Atkins about 5 years ago and I did lose weight and fat, but it was too hard on my kidneys and liver. So I just wondered if any of your clients have had good weight and fat lose results without going high protein, or using the protein powder supplement? Thanks for any feedback. - V.C.

Thanks for your question V.C.
Yes, I have had clients lose bodyfat while not using protein powder or supplements. As I said on the broadcast (there were 3 of them, so not sure which one you caught) but I always favor REAL FOOD instead of supplements whenever possible.

Keep me posted on how you progress and thanks for your question.

Jimi Varner

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jimi Varner to appear on Local 4 in Detroit

Tonight, Thursday September 25th, I will be appearing in a story about Chuck Gaidica's battle with his weight. The segment airs at 11pm on WDIV Ch. 4 in Detroit.

The next night, Chuck Gaidica and I will be LIVE between 5pm - 6:30pm doing multiple segments on health and nutrition at the Sports Club of Novi.

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on the coverage!

Video posts to follow

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Review of Trader Joe's Very Green Product

I've used several different greens products over the years. The one thing that stood out about each and every one of them is the taste. Every last product has tasted like absolute crap, that is, until I discovered Trader Joe's version called 'Very Green'.

I decided to try it after listening to a fitness podcast and hearing the host rave about it. He was right, it is excellent. Not only is the price right, it tastes like Cactus Kool-Aid (if it even exists)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Personal Training customer is THRILLED!

Here is another testimony for you all:

"This summer my friends were amazed with my transformation. I truly believe that with your guidance and positive words, this life style change is permanent. People would ask me about my diet and I would tell them it's not a diet but it's my nutrition. It's not about how little I eat. I still eat a lot. It's about how I eat and when I eat and what I eat. Thanks to your advice." - Jayson Torres

JIMI COMMENTS: Jayson started working with me around Thanksgiving of 2007. He actually hired and fired me as his trainer a couple of times before finally deciding that he was ready to fully commit. After several months, Jayson lost over 30lbs of bodyfat and built a respectible amount of lean muscle. Can you get results like Jayson? Are you ready to commit and not 'diet', but make a total lifestyle transformation? I can show you how!

Lose Weight in 8 Days?! Testimonial!

Hi Jimi,
I have never met you in person, but I received your lose Weight in 8 program. I am a health and fitness instructor, with a Bachelors in Food and Nutrition and currently starting my dissertation for a Doctorate degree in Preventive Care. I will graduate next June with this degree. As I have been so busy getting to this point in my life, I have neglected my own personal fitness, which I never thought I would do. I saw a picture of myself a couple of weeks ago, and was actually horrified. So, I went and weighed myself and tested my body fat composition. I was in shock. I knew I had gained a "little weight", but never knew it was this much. I was 7 pounds over my comfort weight, and 12 pounds over my training weight. My body fat % had increased 50% over my training percentage.
So, I pulled out your program, to get my body back on track. Somewhat of a "jump start" on my way back to acceptable #'s for myself. I was very dedicated in the eating and exercise. I did not consume the supplement CM and I did not use hemorrhoid cream and plastic wrap. Today is my 8th day, and I wanted to share my results and tell you THANK YOU!

I lost 2.6 pounds, lost 1/2 inch in my waist, and 1 inch in my hips. My body fat % actually went up slightly, but I am not used to eating so much fat, and there are other issues that may actually affect this measurement in such a short period of time. I increased my calf measurement by 1/2 inch. The other measurements either stayed the same or made mild improvements not significant enough yet, to mention. All this in 8 Days!

Again, I have used this program to jump start my body and I am very pleased with my beginning.
I wanted to share my results, but also my gratitude. For you sharing your program with others, even those you have no contact with, is helping people achieve their goals and I wanted to thank you for this generosity. I also wanted to thank you for your dedication to fitness and health. As a professional in this field as well, I am also committed to helping others become the best they can be. It is now my turn, to follow my advice on myself.

So, thank you again for steering me back in the right direction and for your committment to this field. You are truly to be commended.

Lorri Aguilera

JIMI COMMENTS - Lorri's testimony is not uncommon. To get your copy of 'Lose Weight in 8' visit this link: Lose Weight In 8!

Lights, camera, action!

I am currently on Day 9 of a 28 day fat loss experiment/challenge. I have been keeping a food journal, logging workouts, rest, and also videotaping my progress each and every day. The video may end up on YouTube in October if everything goes according to plan.

So let me explain the post title. Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights - I had to shed LIGHT on my issues. I was starting to slip in my own nutrition plan and let a lot of junk food creep it's way back into my daily life. As a former fat boy, this is dangerous ground.

Camera - I decided to document EVERYTHING from my food intake, video progress, waist measurement, etc... taking pictures, measuring, and telling everybody what you are doing are all great ways to keep accountability.

Action - The last step was easy as I had painted myself into a corner with the 2 previous steps. I had talked the talk, NOW, I had to walk the walk. It appeals to the ego and a refusal to fail, a wonderful motivator if you're anything like me!

So, are you ready for the spotlight? Check back in 3 weeks and I WILL shed light, bringing to the public my results, .... for better or worse...

Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
Over 50lbs of fat....GONE!