Friday, August 17, 2007

THE TRUTH: Reducing fat on your Stomach!

Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine
August 19, 2007

Spot Reduction Exercises are Not Effective

Many people believe that if they do enough sit-ups they
will get rid of belly fat, but your body does not work that way.
Exercising a specific muscle does not get rid of more fat over
that muscle in comparison to the rest of your body. If it did,
tennis players would have less fat in their tennis arms, and this
does not happen. Strength training strengthens weak muscles,
but it cannot remove fat specifically over the strengthened
A recent study from the University of Connecticut
showed that men who exercised one arm against heavy
resistance for 12 weeks appeared to lose more fat in their
exercised arm than their inactive one when fat was measured
by a caliper that calculated skin thickness (Medicine & Science
in Sports & Exercise, July 2007). However, when the same
authors used an MRI machine to measure fat underneath the
skin, there was no difference between the exercised and non-
exercised arms.
When you take in more calories than your body burns,
you store the extra calories as fat. More than half of the fat in
your body is stored underneath your skin and over your
muscles. Your stomach will look better when your belly
muscles are strong, but sit-ups or crunches will not remove
extra fat from your belly. The only way to lose fat from a specific
part of your body is to lose weight overall.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lose Weight in 8! Released Today!

Hot off the presses, my 4th title, "Lose Weight in 8!"

Even before 'A Trainers Dozen' is out of the box, I decided to release another title, 'Lose Weight In 8!" If you are looking to get into your best shape, and your nutrition and training haven't been all that it could be, you NEED this book. If you would like to: Lose 1-2 inches on those 'trouble' areas, lose some unwanted bodyfat, lose that bloated, chubby face as a result of water retention and tighten up the superficial layer to take on a tighter appearance, ....AND.... would like to do so in only 8 days, then this book has your name written ALL OVER IT!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Trainers Dozen Press Release


Personal Trainer & Author, Jimi Varner, reveals what it REALLY takes to be a successful personal trainer.

LIVONIA, MI—AUGUST 2007— Jimi Varner reveals how personal trainers can be successful in A Trainers Dozen in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

A Trainers Dozen reveals the 13 principles that have helped Personal Trainer Jimi Varner double his income every two years, by delivering beyond customer expectation. The book is packed with 8 years worth of fascinating stories, underdog victories, as well as embarrassing defeats, embedded within the principles that will help trainers to deliver 13, when only 12 are expected.

Jimi Varner wrote A Trainers Dozen to help personal trainers increase their chance for longevity in the competitive market of personal training. A Trainers Dozen is available for purchase at and

“The average personal trainer earns LESS than $30,000 a year. 50% of new trainers don’t bother to renew their certification. I have overcome the odds and want others to do the same,” said Jimi Varner.

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Jimi Varner is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Corporate Fitness Consultant, Public Speaker, and author of several books and articles on nutrition, training, and motivation. A former professional wrestler, he teaches Health & Fitness classes in the Fitness Leadership program at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. This is his third book. His second book, titled The Dieter’s Deliverance, is available at or


Thursday, August 02, 2007

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A Trainers Dozen: 13 principles for personal training success, reveals what it takes to be a successful Personal Trainer. Packed with practical & powerful tools from everyday, in-the-trenches experience, painful lessons, and motivating stories by 8-year veteran, Jimi Varner. In May of 2004, the median annual earnings of personal trainers and group exercise instructors was just $25,470. The average Personal Trainer barely earns $30,000 a year and 50% don’t even bother to renew their certifications! If you are thinking about a career in Personal Training, this book is a MUST READ.

You can order A Trainers Dozen by visiting the publisher at

Real before and after shot!

Real before and after shot!
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