Sunday, December 14, 2008

Results and Reader Question

OK, Jimi V, here's a six-week report and a question or two:

Feeling GREAT!!!! Body is reshaping itself, clothes fitting much better etc.......

Lost about 5-8 lbs in first few weeks then put about 3.5 back on....Some of it due to a slow switchover to a really consistent diet (I'm doing excellent on calorie intake, just need to get to Phase II where I'm eating the right things a bit more consistently....not bad right now, just know I haven't tamed some intermittent weak spots......

So here are some observations and questions:

I've been trying to do a full circuit training and MetaCardio workout as one workout......So far, only been able to do this a few times. I've only split them up one or twice and this seems to allow me to have better technique, strength and I still feel pretty darn great after the meta cardio (only) workout (plus I'm able to get the whole cycle in.

So, I'm wondering about the splitting them up thing.........I guess if one could get in nearly every day, it would not matter. This week, for instance, I will be able to be in almost daily....but on a three day week is it better to shoot for something specific? Or am I over thinking this?

Great question. No, I don't believe you are over thinking it.

First off, congrats on your achievements so far. I am very proud of you, and, let's keep the ball rolling buddy.

Second, I understand your concern about being able to get both workouts (Circuit training and MetaCardio) in one shot. It's tough, and yes, I believe that form and intensity suffer due to the workload.

The best option, if possible, would be to get in the gym everyday (5 - 6 days per week) and hit a Circuit 3 times (M - W - F) and MetaCardio 2 or 3 times (T - Th - SaORSun) as this will allow you to train harder. What I've noticed is this, most people are getting better results showing up MOST days of the week. The best results seem to be the 6 - 7 days a week crowd. You must listen to your body and know your limits (recovery between workouts). Right now, it seems like you are on the right track buddy!

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