Friday, December 05, 2008

Too much information?

While training a client today, a member approached me and asked if I knew anything about that "PX and 90 workout", which when I looked up I noticed that the large television in our weight room had it on a channel that was showing the infommercial of P90X and the trainer Tony Horton. While I haven't used the system myself, I will say that it is the most well-marketed training program I have ever seen. All that being said, many of my fellow trainers have taken it upon themselves to tear down Tony's principle of 'muscle confusion', which is basically a simplified explanation for 'changing it up' meaning the exercises, sets, and reps. My personal feeling about the fitness industry is that there is so much conflicting information out there that it's no wonder so many potential fitness consumers are left scratching their heads and wondering where to turn and who to trust with their hard earned cash. Is there too much information? Do a google search with the terms "how do I lose fat?" and you will find no less that 1,860,000 web pages with the 'answer' to that question. Yes, there is way too much information (how much is valid? how much is hype? how much is total B.S?) and too many voices....

What to do? As Alwyn Cosgrove says, we need information filters, basically, people and resources we trust to give us timely, valid, and useful information. In 2009, I commit to becoming a better source for fitness information. If you find that I am not living up to this claim in 09, call me out on it!

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