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What is MetaCardio? 1st seen on Local 4 News Detroit - (Order your copy here!)

On Friday, September 26th on WDIV Local 4 News featured Chuck Gaidica talking with Personal Trainer, Jimi Varner about the benefits of a brand new workout system called MetaCardio.

MetaCardio is a system of exercise that combines the 'best of both fitness worlds' approach to weight loss using cardio and weights.

This is a rapid fire, metabolism-raising workout that combines both cardio and weights in one time efficient workout. It is my contribution to the well-researched and effective training technique known as High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T. This is the next generation of H.I.I.T workouts and is designed to burn a lot of calories by simultaneously challenging both the aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (strength) systems. It provides a wide variety of workout options and intensity levels to keep you motivated and prevent boredom.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied users!


Meta-Cardio was the missing piece of the puzzle for me in my training.
After working out hard, three times per week for several months,
I knew that my metabolism needed an extra boost.
I was toning and loosing inches and likely gaining muscle mass,
but I wasn't really losing weight; and that was indeed one of my goals.
Jimi suggested that we keep the same workout; just "kick it up a notch"
with Meta-Cardio. He added a mere 15-minutes of Meta-Cardio to my routine
and the inches kept coming off, but finally the pounds did too. I lost 20-pounds
in about 2-months. It was like a switch had been flipped and it still is working to this day.

Chuck Gaidica

My mind has always been my biggest set back when exercising.
All of the exercise routines I've tried in the past have been repetitive and boring.
I've always had to force myself to do cardio workouts and I've never enjoyed them.
If I didn't have music or a book to read while exercising I'd start thinking about how bored I was,how I wanted to do something else, and then stop the workout.
With MetaCardio there's no time to think about anything other then the next movement,
and before you know you've moved on to another one.
There are so many different movements that can be incorporated into the program it's
virtually impossible to get bored. Now I actually look forward to doing cardio!

Katie Darling

I have been attending a gym and its classes for years and while I know I have made improvements in my cardio-vascular fitness, I still struggle with getting weight off and fitting a consistent workout into my daily schedule. Recently, a couple of people I see at the gym regularly had lost a noticeable amount of weight and were looking very fit. I spoke with them separately and each said almost the same thing. They had been working out using "traditional" routines but had switched over to interval training on Jimi, their trainer's, advice. The pounds melted off! Each used this exact expression. One had lost over seven inches around his waist. Needless to say I did a mini-cardio workout racing over to the phone to set up a personal trainer time with Jimi to learn this routine. One of the best things about this workout, I came to find out, is that it can be done in under 30 minutes. This is great news to me. As a mom, part-time worker and avid tennis player I find it difficult to fit everything in. This workout can be done before tennis or in conjunction with a weight routine or as a satisfying, break-a-sweat, heart-rate-increasing workout all by itself before I shower and head off to the rest of my day. It is still early days for me and this routine but I love its flexibility and I am looking forward to the day in the gym when someone comes up to me and asks what I have been doing so I can pass on Jimi's name to them!

Julie Coulter

I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and while weight has never been an issue for me and I don’t particularly like working out, I do realize the importance of cardiovascular health and strength training. Jimi’s interval training program meets and exceeds my fitness requirements:

1. It’s effective. The combination of strength and cardio is a complete workout.

2. It’s diverse. The strength exercises can be customized and changed to address specific issues and keep the workout interesting.

3. It’s short. I can do this workout with a friend and be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes.

As a tennis playing wife and mother who hates to sweat, I find Jimi’s interval training perfect for my schedule, my motivational needs and my long-term health.

Donna Tiernan

I can’t say I used the program for weight loss but do love it as part of your overall general fitness plan for me. The program has been great in that every day is different. Be it dumbbells versus medicine ball during the active recovery period or the ability to step it up or tone it down depending on my intensity level on that day. I will continue to include MetaCardio in my routine and now find that a simple spin on the treadmill or orbital feels like I cheated myself.

Andy MacPherson

As far as weight/inches I can't say because I am within 5 pounds most of the time and do other things and classes that may affect my fitness results. I love it because it goes by faster than doing just cardio and breaks up the monotony of the same old cardio. The interval workouts raise my heart rate much more than separating my weight training and my cardio workouts. Each interval you get the chance to max out your effort because it's for a short period of time, keeping your heart rate up or in an "anaerobic state" for portions of the workout. I feel stronger and have increased my endurance because of the workouts

If you are a person that walks the treadmill or even the step mill for your cardio activity, it can get very boring - so the change in style can make it interesting again. A person may also find themselves getting comfortable with the intensity level they are accustomed to and not really challenging themselves anymore. By adding the strength segments, you increase the heart rate and also can increase your typical speed because you are at the new speed for a short period of time. What a great way to maximize your workout time, get both your strength and cardio training done and have an enjoyable, challenging workout.

Kathy Smith

I love this workout, it is challenging and I feel so good after finishing a session. I don’t know if it is a little premature to say I see any result but I was able to wear a pair of pre mommy jeans out to dinner last night that didn’t fit two weeks ago!!! This is awesome.

Sue Woodley

The book includes 50 different MetaCardio workouts with the following themes:

· Beginner Workouts – new to training? Start here!

· Bodyweight Workouts – no equipment needed

· Core Workouts – focus on abs, oblique, and low back movements

· Dumbbell Workouts – using dumbbells

· Medicine Ball Workouts – using medicine ball

· Dumbbell & medicine ball Workouts – using DBs and Med Ball

· Lower Body Workouts – focus on lower body exercises

· Upper Body Workouts – focus on upper body exercises

· 30 Second Intervals – more intense, faster transitions

· Athlete Workouts – Muscle Integration

· Bodybuilder Workouts – Muscle Isolation

· Track Workouts – to be done on a track or field

· Hotel Workouts – take your workouts on the road

· Home Workouts – workouts to be done at home

and even Mobility Workouts – focus on range of motion and active recovery

The MetaCardio workout includes illustrations on EVERY workout sheet

Showing pictures on each and every workout sheet takes the guesswork out of the workout so you can concentrate on intensity.

The book also includes an Exercise Index section which gives a detailed description of over 100 different exercises.

You can do MetaCardio in a gym, at home, or even at the local park!

Order your copy today!

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Real before and after shot!
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