Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to lose weight....revisted

Okay, how many blogs, newsletters, videos, books, and magazines do we need to read before we finally 'get it'?

Face it, you are still wishing for the day when you are able to eat anything you want, in any quantity, not exercise, throwing all caution to the wind.... and lose 10lbs.

Aren't you?

Liar...admit it, so am I

But the truth is, that day won't come in our lifetime or any thereafter.

The simple rules of Fat loss:

Eat Less - eat a little less than you are currently eating, approx. 250 calories a day

Move More - whatever form of exercise you find enjoyable, do that more often or longer than you currently are

Repeat - basically, be consistent. Do it everyday, following an 80 - 90% compliance rate.

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James HIlton said...

Absolutely! The fitness industry is confusing people into thinking that it's the special tricks/secrets/supplements that make you lose weight. People are forgetting that it's the basics that cause you to lose weight!!!

This blog talks more about it too

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Real before and after shot!
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