Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never skip breakfast!

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Never skip breakfast. Why?

Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism first thing in the morning. Any time you eat you'll get a slight bump in your calorie-burning rate, since it takes energy to digest food. The morning meal is particularly important. Research shows that breakfast eaters have an above-average metabolic rate; skippers have a lower than average rate.

You may not think of it in this way but while you sleep, your body is fasting. When your body runs out of nutrients from food it must cannibalize its own muscle tissue. After four hours without food, the body suppresses its ability to burn calories in order to conserve energy and goes directly after muscle tissue instead, converting muscle to glucose for energy. Over time, this slowly decreases the amount of muscle tissue that the body has, which, in turn, decreases your metabolic rate. Since muscle tissue burns calories not fat, it becomes more and more difficult to lose the fat and the weight. Eating breakfast first thing in the morning halts this cannibalization.


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