Saturday, March 14, 2009

Below is a question that a reader of this blog had for me. I deleted the name of the gym he mentioned to protect the idiots who work there.

QUESTION FROM READER: I talked with Fitness(NUMBER 19 here) gym last night. They have a Personal Trainer, but they offer a 'special' where you work out with him for 2 sessions - then you're on your own to continue. I asked them if there isn't a benefit to having a Personal Trainer - and they replied that if I wanted to I could continue with the Personal Trainer, however, there really is no benefit if I'm able stay going on my own. Being a Personal Trainer, I would think you might see more benefits of having a personal trainer then just someone who calls the client to get them to the gym. Could you help me understand what that would be?

ANSWER FROM JIMI: Obviously, Fitness(NUMBER 19) was trying the soft sell approach for their training. I totally disagree. As a 10-year, full time Personal Trainer, I understand the benefits that a good personal trainer can bring you. I am NOT ONLY a personal trainer by trade, but, I also use the services of other personal trainers to create my personal programs, keep me accountable, and give me honest feedback on how I am REALLY doing/looking. A good personal trainer can work with you based on your budget, needs, and goals. I have over 250 clients that use my services in a variety of fashions. Some train with me 3 times a week, others only once, but many others use my services once every 6 - 8 weeks. I design a program for them to use on their own. Once they adapt to the program (are no longer seeing gains in muscle, fat loss, etc..) we schedule another appointment and change their program. I offer these services to anybody who is willing to commit themselves and work hard.

* to check my availability, send me an email at with "Personal Trainer Request" in the subject line

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Real before and after shot!
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